The New And Improved Daily Digest

We’ve been working hard to improve the Daily Digest newsletter and our first cut is finally done.  The new email layout is mobile friendly and packed full of content.  Most content is linked directly back to the Mamapedia website, so you can simply click it to read the full content, reply to questions and ask your own questions.

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll find in the new Daily Digest.

Daily Digest Sections

1. Header

Daily Digest HeaderThe Header is where you’ll find your personalized greeting and the issue date of the Daily Digest issue you’re reading.

2. Voices Article

daily-digest-02-voicesEach Daily Digest includes an excerpt of the latest Voices article.

3. Local Questions

daily-digest-03-localIn this section of the newsletter you’ll find questions that are specific to your local area.  If there are no local questions this section will be omitted.

4. Recent Questions

daily-digest-04-recentThree recently posted questions are highlighted each day.

5. Trending Questions

daily-digest-05-trendingThis sections has the three questions that have gotten the most answers in the last week.

6. Questions That Need Your Help

daily-digest-06-helpHere you’ll find questions that haven’t gotten many answers yet.  Maybe you can help the author by answering her question?

7. Time Machine

daily-digest-07-time-machineThe Time Machine section highlights the question with the most responses from five years ago .

8. Ask your question buttons

daily-digest-08-askIn several places you find links that take you directly to the Ask A Question page on Mamapedia.

9. Link to the publication guidelines

daily-digest-09-submissionEver wondered what it takes to get published on Mamapedia?  This section provides you with a link to instructions on how to submit an article for publication.

10. Footer

daily-digest-10-footerThe footer section includes links to our privacy policy and a link to change your email preferences.  You can use that link to subscribe and unsubscribe to various Mamapedia emails.

How to subscribe

If you haven’t subscribed yet and would like to, visit your user profile Email Preferences and set Deliver My Digest to Daily.

Thought on what would make the Daily Digest better?

We encourage your feedback and welcome you to post comments about the new format here.  We’re particularly interested to know what you would like to see in the Daily Digest and what you think we should change.

Guidelines For Answering A Question On Mamapedia

Occasionally we remove questions and answers from Mamapedia.  When this happens the user who posted the content is sometimes upset their content was removed.  While we have easily accessible Question Guidelines available on the Ask A Question page we haven’t included such a reference when people respond to questions.  So, here are a few guidelines for answering questions.

  1. The guiding principle for answering a question on Mamapedia is the answer should be helpful to the person who asked the question and others reading it.  Remember, the question was posted because the user doesn’t know the answer and many times others are reading it for the same reason.
  2. Answers to questions must remain on topic.  Off topic answers may be removed as they are not helpful in answering the question.
  3. Answers that contains profanity, insults, or hostile comments will be removed.  If you feel a post is inappropriate, please report it using the “Report as inappropriate” feature in the “What can I do next?” area just below the question (see the screenshot below).  All reported content is reviewed and will be removed if it violates Mamapedia’s policies or is otherwise deemed inappropriate.  Do not respond to the question by insulting the person who asked it.

screenshot showing how to report content as inappropriate

Article Submission Guidelines

Do you have something you would like to share with our Mamapedia community?

Whether you are a professional author, blogger, or even if you’ve never been published before -if you have something interesting and relevant to say we’d love to hear from you!
Here are some guidelines you should carefully follow when submitting your article. When you’re ready simply click the link at the end of this post.

Article Submission Guidelines

  • We are looking for articles written in a strong clear voice that offer a unique and interesting perspective. All articles should be family friendly and of interest to our parenting audience, but otherwise potential topics are limitless. As to tone, positive and upbeat is generally preferred, but serious or reflective articles will certainly also be considered. Well written with a clear point of view are the most important considerations.
  • Ideally, feature articles should be 300 to 750 words in length. Generally speaking however articles on the shorter side, closer to the 300 than 750, are preferred.
    • Before submitting your article please make sure to carefully review and edit it for grammar and spelling. We do edit for format and any obvious typos, but beyond that we must rely on you to carefully review your own copy. On occasion, we may wish to edit an article for length -however we will discuss this with you before publishing.
    • Please make every effort to include with your article a relevant corresponding image. You may submit an article without an accompanying image, however articles with images are processed more easily and are therefore more likely to be accepted. Images should be family appropriate and of sharp quality. Preferred size is 775×300 pixels. Acceptable formats are either JPEG or PGN. Almost any picture editing software programs can help you to to size and format an image, including, but not limited to, PicMonkey. Original images are also accepted, however if you use a non-original image, please make certain to credit the source for your image (e.g.
    • Your article should NOT include any sponsored links or promote or sell any product or service, unless previously agreed upon.
  • Mamapedia does not pay for articles. However, there are still several valuable incentives to having your article published on Mamapedia.

> Bring your point of view to the attention of a vast community of Moms eager to      read and discuss your words.

>  Bring site traffic from our site back to yours -allowing new visitors to discover         you and your site.

> Raise the stature of your site by being published on one of the largest, most            reputable, and most active Mom communities on the web today.

  • If your article is published, we will also be cross promoting it on our social media sites. We ask that you do the same from your end. Please feel free to post links to Mamapedia on your own site and on any of your social media pages.

Once you are ready please submit your article by clicking on the link below. We will review all submissions and notify you within 30 days if your article has been accepted.

Due to the large volume of submittals we receive we are unable to reply to each submittal. Please remember that a great many factors are considered when determining which articles get accepted, so even if your article is not accepted it is not necessarily due to quality or value -It just may be that it is not for us at this particular time.

Thanks very much for your submission -we look forward to reading your article!


An Improved “Ask A Question” Page

One of the ways we want to improve the content on Mamapedia is getting you, our users, to post questions as questions and make sure they are unique. Until recently there was no easy way to do that.  In fact you weren’t even encouraged to do that. As a result the same questions have been asked again and again under very generic titles.  For example, a search for “potty training” returns nearly 13,000 questions.  The top 10 matching search results are all questions that used “Potty Training” as their title.  Unfortunately “potty training” is a broad topic and not a question.  If you read the top 10 potty training questions, they can be boiled down to three distinct questions:  “At what age should you start potty training?”, “Can anybody recommend good potty training resources?” and “Does anyone have suggestions on how to handle potty training?”  We could probably review the 13,000 potty training questions on the site and come up with a list of ten posts that cover 80% of the actual questions.

Starting today when you ask a question you will notice a few changes.  First, you are encouraged to actually ask a question rather than post a generic subject. The text field previously labeled “Subject” is now labeled “Question” and the hint below that field now explains you should ask a question.  The updated system also requires each question to contain at least three words.

After you enter your question a list of the top five similar search results will appear.  Please take a look at those results to make sure your question hasn’t already been answered.  Doing so should help you get your answers more quickly and will reduce duplicate questions on the site, helping everybody.

screenshot of the "Ask A Question" page on with similar questions highlighted

Ask A Question Page: Similar Questions Highlighted

Finally, the text area formerly titled “My question” is now labeled “Additional details”.  Use that text area to enter additional details specific to your question.

Sticking with the potty training example, here’s how this could work.  In the question field you might enter “Does anyone have advice for potty training a 3 year old child when daycare won’t help?”.  After reviewing the list of top five related search results, if you still want to ask your question you could continue by entering the following into additional details. “My three year old son goes to day care five days a week. We’ve been working on potty training for two weeks. He does great on the weekends but when he comes home from day care we seem to have lots of accidents. It seems like day care is making him regress. Has anybody experienced this before? What did you do to solve it?

Nothing on the updated web page, other than the three word minimum on questions, will prevent you from posting your question. Even if there’s a duplicate question, you can still post yours.  We don’t want to limit your ability to ask whatever questions you may have. We’re just trying to make search results more relevant so you can find what you’re looking for more easily.

Hopefully you will find the new “Ask A Question” process helpful and easy to use. Over time we think it will assist you in getting higher quality answer more quickly and easily.

What’s next for Mamapedia?

Welcome to the new Mamapedia blog! I’d like to extend a big hello to the entire (3 million +) Mamapedia community on behalf of Get It. For a little background I’m Jacob Peebles, CEO / Co-founder of Get It. Late last year we acquired Mamapedia, LLC with a great deal of excitement and anticipation on where we could take the community and its awesome and lively user base. 

So why the message now, many months later? Well, we’ve been heads down getting our arms around the system and putting a large amount of effort into bringing the technology from 2009 into 2015 (that’s like going from a Motorola RAZR flip phone to an iPhone 6:). It’s a large endeavor, and as many old and diehard Mama’s know, Mamapedia was once part of Mamasource, a mom-focused deals site. So there’s a lot to unravel along the way, and we are working daily towards doing just that.

We have a number of improvements right around the corner, and are listening to all the chatter on the site. Please stay patient as we work to release a new and vastly improved experience.

Again, we can’t be more excited about what’s in store for Mamapedia and its community, it’s time to give it the attention it deserves.


Jacob Peebles
CEO / Co-founder