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Family studio portrait without shoes?

A. N. asks from Brooklyn

We went to a photography studio with the whole family recently to have our family pictures taken. The photos were geared to be very casual, so we all came wearing our jeans and T-shirts. We were a little surprised, though, when our photographer insisted that everyone had...

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Question about food allergies

G. A. asks from Chicago

My 9-month old son was recently diagnosed with an egg, peanut and walnut allergy. We are waiting on blood test results to see if he's eligible for a peanut challenge in the doctor's office. Has anyone done this? Apparently babies can outgrow an allergy through controlled...

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A job like no other

by Dee Plusch

I just recently accepted a job, and I thought I’d share what the position description entails.

First, I don’t get more than a 10-minute break during work hours, and those work hours will most likely include overtime on a daily basis. It’s a highly demanding and critical role where there is a lot at stake, therefore being consistently alert is essential even on those overtime days and nights. The role is an umbrella for several other titles with additional duties, none of which include additional pay…. More


conversations about difficult teen issues

J. g. asks from Chicago

HI Ladies, I was looking for some books for my 10 year old to read about self-control and emotional regulation. I found what appears to be an awesome book but it mentions a few things that I'm not sure I'm ready to discuss with my daughter. One of the chapters covers...

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What to Teach Your Kids About Bullying

“Those who are at war with others, are not at peace with themselves.” – William Hazlitt

I have been working with high school and college-aged students for years, and most of the people I have worked with at some point or another have faced bullying—either being bullied or bullying others…. More


tween & puberty & snarkiness

J. g. asks from Chicago

Hello Ladies, my baby is 10, has breast buds and small hips, and she has officially entered the age of the snark. We're doing our best to remain calm and ignore drama, but the last two days have been rough. She lost it at Walgreens and started yelling at me. Then today...

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But I Wonder, Can I Wander?

Whenever people hear our story, the first question is, “How do you survive with three kids?!” (We aren’t sure. Please check back in about 15 years to see if we actually made it). After that, everyone wants to know, “How can I get started?”… More


cat and refinished floors

J. g. asks from Chicago

We are getting our floors done next week and I'm trying to figure out what to do with the cat. The rest of us, including the dog, will be going to my parents for 2 nights. We have a big storage space (400 square feet) in our basement he likes to go hide and sleep in,...

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